Relationship Principles by Sherry Argov

1- In Romance, there’s nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who has dignity and pride in who she is.
2- He marries the woman who won’t lay down like linoleum. Sugar & Spice … and not always so nice- that’s what his dreams are made of.
3- He doesn’t marry a woman who is perfect. He marries the woman who is interesting.
4- When a woman is trying too hard, a man will usually test to see how hard she’s willing to work for it. He will start throwing relationship, just to see how hard she will run & how high she will jumb.
5- Don’t believe what anyone tells you about yourself.
6- Every guy knows he can find a girl who is simply satisfied with satisfying him. They are much more turned on by a woman who cares about her own pleasure as well.
7- You can tell how much someone respects you by how much he respects your opinion. If he doesn’t respect your opinion, he will not respect you.
8- It is better to be disliked for being who you are than to be loved for who you are not.
9- Men like to be curious. They like to feel that there’s more to the story than what they already know.
10- The mental challenge is, ” Can I get & keep her attention? ”
11- You power gets lost the minute you start asking, ” Where do I stand ? ” Because what you’ve just told him is that the terms of the relationship are now his to dictate.
12- When a woman rushes in too quickly, a man will assume she is in love with a ” fantasy” or the idea of having a relationship. But if he has to slowly win her over, incrementally, he’ll think she’s falling in love with who he is.
13- Don’t even mention the word “commitment”. That’s the whole trick. The less u say about it, the closer you are to getting one.
14- If he has no guarantees, he thinks you could be gone at anytime, that’s when he will cherish the idea of securing a relationship.
15- There’s nothing more prized to a man than something he had to wait for, work for, or struggle a little bit to get.
16- As soon as a woman hands a man a more serious commitment on a silver platter, he will be reluctant to take it.
17- Don’t be so blunt, obvious, or available that you come across as having already made up your mind about the guy.
18- You want to figure out his pattern, but don’t let him figure out yours.
19- Men are far more smitten when they feel like they are “stealing” your time away from something else you could have been doing.
20- When a woman makes a man feel he is trusted, it makes him feel strong and worthy. It makes him want to be honorable and do the right thing.
21- Men like rules and they like guidelines. If there’s something you don’t like, he will respect you for voicing it. He wants to know what the ” do’s and dont’s ” are.
22- Men love knowing there’s a small part of you that they can’t get to.
23- The magic formula is to give a little and then pull back. Give a little .. and then pull back.
24- The purpose of waiting is not just to seem classier. You also want to give yourself time to observe him and find out key facts about him.
25- Men are intrigued by anything they don’t completely control.
26- When you maintain a bit of privacy and he has to wonder a little where you are, you are stimulating his imagination. The second he can’t get ahold of you he’ll send out an APB, or “all points bulletin,” to find you.
27- When a woman reacts emotionally, men get three things: attention, control, and the feeling of importance.
28- When you are easily manipulated, he will assume he doesn’t have to give as much in the way of commitment in order to keep you there.
29- The best way to set limits with a guy when he’s testing you is by controlling the ebb and flow of your attention. An emotional reaction is always a reward, even if it’s negative attention.
30- Men hear what they see.
31- When a man tries to make you jealous, it rarely has anything to do with his desire for someone else. When you are upset he gets the reassurance that you care.
32- Once you start doing the same thing he was doing, suddenly, the bad behavior will magically disappear.
33- When a man doesn’t call, a bunch of scenarios will typically run through a woman’s mind. Similarly, his imagination will run wild when he doesn’t hear from you.
34- The more rational and calm you remain, the more emotional he will become.
35- To a man , it’s totally inappropriate to be emotional when talking about something important. When you speak calmly, he assumes it’s much more important.
36- Many men reduce women to a set of givens. A man relies on the fact that most women are emotional and that he will be able to push your emotional buttons once he finds out where they are. When he can’t, he will often crumble and become the more vulnerable one in the relationship.
37- He is testing to see if you believe in yourself. He wants to know who is at the controls. When you aren’t easily shaken he sees ” This one can’t be manipulated”.
38- To encourage the right behavior, state what you want, and then give him the solution. Show him how he can be your hero.
39- He will constantly be on guard and watching to discern, ” Does she like me for who I am? Or for what I can provide?”.
40- When a man sees you are focused on your own dreams or on elevating yourself yourself, he feels safer marrying you because he doesn’t worry abt what u will be trying to take away from him.
41- Men don’t judge how much money you have. They notice how u budget what you do have.
42- Men admire women who want to elevate themselves and pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, and fea women who are social climbers at a man’s expense.
43- He doesn’t want to marry a helpless little girl whom he will have to take care of.
44- For a man, the words respect and trust are interchangeable. If he doesn’t respect you, he will not trust you. And without trust, he will always keep you at arm’s length.
45- When he gives you something, always acknowledge the kindness behind the gesture, not the material item itself. Just like women can’t get too many compliments, a man can’t get too much appreciation for his contribution.
46- A man’s favorite word is appreciate. He wants more than anything to feel revered and valued by a woman. When she’s appreciative, it motivates him to give her the world.
47- The biggest turn-on for a man is knowing that he is in love with a woman he can really count on, who will really be there for him.
48- Set your own timelines and limits, and leave if it’s time to get out. Untill then, don’t let him know about your timelines. Then keep your eyes open and watch how he manages his 5o percent of the relationship.
49- A guy who really thinks you could be “the one” will say very little about marriage. He will be much more reserved, and will slowly open up over the course of several months, because he won’t want to scare you off.
50- The more control you have over yourself, the more of a hold you will have on his heart.
51- If a man really cares, he feels vulnerable. That’s when he needs a protective shield the most and that’s when he’ll often behave coolly.
52- Whenever boredomsimply break the routine. As soon as the routine changes, it will pique his interest and the relationship will become interesting again.
53- You have a much better chance of getting engaged when a man doesn’t feel pressured into it. You should not be the one who ask or seek for marriage.
54- Not allow yourself to be with a man who is biding his time until something better comes along.
55- When you stand up for yourself in a dignified, feminine, and womanly way, you can get anything you want from a man. When you place a high value on yourself in the right way, so will he.

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